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Sqeepr is the ultimate youth football score keeping and stat tracking app. Its sophisticated, yet simple interface is designed to give league organizers, coaches and parents a comprehensive and fun view of team and player performance. Parents and fans can watch LIVE play-by-play scoring. Coaches can review player stats. And League Organizers can provide an awesome experience for all participants.

Sqeepr can be used for Pee-Wee football leagues, flag leagues, even middle and high school leagues.

“Sqeepr is so simple and easy, anybody can do it!” – Sqeepr user. See for yourself:

  • The list of teams within the league.

Scorekeepers simply record the plays as they happen. The user-friendly Sqeepr interface makes it a snap. Simply tap the play type (Rush, Pass, etc.), tap the player(s) involved, tap the yardage and tap the outcome and the play is recorded… the custom interface walks you right through the process.

League organizers can create teams and schedules, invite participants to join the Sqeepr league, and communicate to league participants.

Don’t want to track stats for the whole team? No problem! Just track the player(s) you’re interested in!

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